Lawsuit says City of Industry used public funds on lavish upgrades for council members’ homes —- including a “man cave”

A former City of Industry councilman who was recalled last year is now suing the city, claiming it used public funds for lavish renovations of subsidized housing for city officials. Those renovations reportedly include a $580,000 upgrade on Councilman Mark Radecki’s home which included the addition of a so-called “man cave.”

Cruz himself benefits from the subsidized housing program. Council members pay less than $800 per month for their abodes, far below the market rate.

Cruz’s lawsuit also claims the city evicted two tenants because they joined a watchdog group that alleges corruption by city officials. That squares with a 2019 report from the Southern California News Group, which found the city used its housing program to reward allies and punish critics.

Cruz is now calling on the courts to evict three council members from city-owned housing and to nullify several contracts that allegedly benefited members of the council.

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