San Bruno could scrap its mayoral elections

San Bruno is the only city in San Mateo County that elects its mayor. That will change if one council member has their way.

A lack of female representation motivated Linda Mason to raise the issue. San Bruno hasn’t elected a female mayor in over 20 years. Mason herself ran for the seat last year and lost. She is the only female member on the city council.

“For some, it might not matter,” Mason said. “But for me as an elected official who ran on the idea of change, as the only female sitting councilmember, I think it does matter. By ensuring a rotating mayor, we can ensure that those elected to office, and more importantly, those San Bruno residents we all represent are represented on a rotating basis reflecting our constituency.”

Under Mason’s plan, the mayorship would be a rotating position as it is in every other San Mateo County city. The idea would have to be approved by voters. Some council members have already expressed support for placing the issue on the ballot pending a cost analysis.