Irvine Councilman Resigns for One Week to Skirt Term Limits

Longtime Irvine Councilman Larry Agran really likes his job, and he isn’t about to let a little thing like term limits stop him from serving another four years.  

Agran — who won re-election this year — resigned on Monday, just a week before the end of his current term. Because he’s technically not completing a full term, he’s now eligible to run for office again in 2026.

In an interview with Voice of OC, Agran called it a “quirk of the calendar.”  

Councilwoman Tammy Kim calls it a “slippery power grab.”

Agran has already served 30 years on the Council with some breaks between terms. That makes him one of the longest serving representatives in city history. He was first elected in 1978. He left in 2014 and returned in 2020 to finish the two years left of Farrah Khan’s term. He was then re-elected this year and is set to take the oath of office on December 13th.

Voters approved term limits eight years ago, and Agran was vehemently opposed at the time. The city charter prohibits council members and the mayor from serving more than two full terms for life.

Agran wants to pass a charter amendment that would make an exception to rule when someone serves out a two-year term like he did. He doesn’t think those two years should count against a city council member. 

For now, it looks like he’s found a loophole.