Yolo, Davis and UC Davis Launch Campaign to Fight Rising Hate

Yolo County, the City of Davis, and UC Davis are teaming up to combat rising hate in the community. Last month, they announced the creation of Hate-Free Together — a campaign to address bias and provide training, education, resources and instructions on how to report hate crimes. 

“Starting in 2023, the campaign will invite the entire community to help condemn hate, create safety and cultivate change, and encourage an environment that promotes inclusiveness, celebrates diversity and rejects hate and bias in all forms,” according to a press release.  

Federal officials have warned about the rise in domestic extremism and violence driven by hate. Yolo County in particular has experienced a wave of recent hate incidents.

On the very day the Hate-Free campaign was announced, Davis Police began investigating an incident in which a man was allegedly choked by someone hurling racial epithets. As School News reported in August, antisemitic banners have been found around UC Davis on multiple ocassions. 

“We are all deeply troubled by the rise in high profile local hate incidents,” Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor said. “We are inviting the community to help us identify specific actions within the Hate-Free Together framework. Hate incidents affect us all and we all have a role to play in this fight.”

“Hate is a cycle that can be broken if we cultivate change, prioritize education and stand up together,” Davis Mayor Lucas Frerichs added. “We ask the entire community to join us in this fight and learn how we can all work to become Hate-Free Together.”

Chancellor Gary S. May likened the spread of hate to the recent pandemic.

“In this case, rather than COVID-19 being the virus, hate is the virus we’re trying to eradicate. We intend to use our collective power to condemn violence and bigotry in all forms.”

If you would like updates on the Hate Free Together campaign, fill out the contact form here.