Ninth Circuit Tosses Berkeley’s Ban on Natural Gas

In 2020, the City of Berkeley became the first in the nation to ban natural gas piping in many new developments. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned that ordinance Monday, ruling that the city is preempted by federal energy rules.

California Restaurant Association CEO Jot Condie praised the 3-0 ruling. The Association had filed the lawsuit over the city's policy. 

Natural gas is “crucial for restaurants,” said Condie.

A number of other jurisdictions have passed similar bans since Berkeley approved its ordinance. The issue has become fodder for the culture wars and has been featured heavily in right-wing media.

Those who favor a mandatory shift toward electric appliances say gas appliances exacerbate climate change and conditions like asthma. Gas stoves have also been found to emit cancer-causing substances.

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