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JOB TITLE: Chief of Homeless Services
AGENCY: County of San Bernardino
LOCATION: San Bernardino, CA
FILING DEADLINE:  January 2, 2023
SALARY RANGE:  $115,190 – $155,064 Annually


Under general direction, plan, organize, direct, and evaluate the activities and programs of the Health, Housing and Human Services; develop and direct collaborative systems that integrate physical and behavioral health, housing, public safety, and supportive services; to perform related work. This position reports directly to the Deputy Executive Officer of the Human Services division. The Chief of Homeless Services oversees and acts as the appointing authority for the Homeless Response Division and is responsible for the management of the overall activities of the division, including formulating and administering Countywide policy related to homeless response services.

  • Develop partnerships for the development of new strategies to address the needs of those who are experiencing homelessness or are experiencing crises that may lead to being homeless.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to develop County-wide outreach strategies to assess service needs; and more effective ways to provide assistance to the homeless community.
  • Assess and improve the accuracy and collection of data regarding the number and demographic makeup of the homeless population.
  • Oversee the County’s role as HMIS lead agency of the local Continuum of Care; share information with agencies engaged in homelessness prevention activities to build and foster potential partnerships and improvements in related service initiative programs.
  • Promote a “Housing First” model, working collaboratively to reduce or eliminate upfront barriers to housing.
  • Assess and make recommendations on improvements to institutional discharge policies to prevent individuals from being discharged into homelessness.
  • Work with service providers and other stakeholders to establish a “No Wrong Door” approach to service provision, wherein the homeless or individuals facing homelessness can receive information regarding available services regardless of which agency they are in contact with.
  • Seek grants and oversee funds relating to the County’s Homeless Initiatives.
  • Provide training and make presentations on homelessness-related problems, trends, and opportunities.

The ideal candidate is a humble, passionate, and innovative leader who is experienced in creating solutions to the challenges of homelessness. Excellent interpersonal skills are required to collaborate with other County departments, create and foster business relationships, and build support from potential partners and key stakeholders. The successful candidate will have effective written and verbal communication skills, a positive presence, and have sensitive political awareness, to provide clear and concise staff reports, articulate ideas, and talk at the policy level with County leadership to develop new programs, and lead initiatives which will result in a reduction in the incidence and duration of homelessness among community members, and an increase in homeless prevention strategies.

The selected candidate will be well versed and current on homeless demographics, federal and state priorities, grant and other funding sources including administration and timelines, and best practices in homeless service and housing delivery; and able to analyze the strengths and gaps in the regional housing market, government programs, the local homeless service and housing delivery system. The ideal candidate will have in-depth knowledge of the issues of why people become homeless and barriers to exiting homelessness, homeless prevention, and rapid rehousing. This expertise, and how these issues interact with each other, should also spur insights on areas needing change and new approaches to addressing homelessness in the San Bernardino County region. This position requires someone who is open and approachable, honest, and who has high integrity. He/she will have strong organizational skills with the ability to prioritize, remain calm in highly contentious situations, and be professional and personable.

Key Competencies and Attributes
  • Problem solving; a collaborative problem solver who can model a strong work ethic, demonstrate excellent leadership, and be a team-player who is self-motivated.
  • Principles and practices related to program management and administration, including effective program planning, policy development, organization, coordination, evaluation and fiscal management.
  • Current trends in governmental responses to homelessness through community development, healthcare, behavioral health, social service, law enforcement, and public assistance programs.
  • Knowledge of the services and partnering agencies available to assist the homeless population, with an understanding of the value of stakeholder development and the ability to build strong partnerships.
  • Principles and practices of public finance and funding development, including grant submission, administration, and management.
  • Public sector and/or non-profit experience with an understanding of organizational structures, procedures, rules, regulations, and standards common to public agencies.
  • Legal requirements and policies related to the financial administration of county government.
  • An engaged listener with a willingness to encourage and receive feedback.

Located in the heart of Southern California, San Bernardino County thrives on the diversity of our communities that offer families affordable housing, excellent schools, and community resources, including libraries, parks, hospitals, and international airports. The County provides a safe, clean, and healthy environment with access to a variety of business and shopping opportunities, as well as cultural and educational enrichment opportunities through museums, theater, and higher education, including California State University, San Bernardino, University of Redlands, and Loma Linda University.

For more details about this opportunity, please visit the job brochure at: https://koffassociates.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Rev3-San-Bernardino-County-CHS.pdf.  

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