Director of Economic Development

City of Desert Hot Springs, CA

Director of Economic Development
City of Desert Hot Springs, California

Known for a strong focus on public safety, booming economy, award winning water, excellent school district, and exceptional recreational resources, the City of Desert Hot Springs (32,000 population) is one of the best cities in Southern California to live and conduct business.  Residents and visitors alike enjoy the City’s renowned natural mineral waters, clean air, small-town atmosphere, safety, and business friendly environment.  As the fastest growing city in the Coachella Valley, Desert Hot Springs encompasses approximately 30 square miles; attractive, low density and affordable housing; and an economically and racially diverse population.  During the past several years, the City has approved more than 2 million square feet for development projects and expects job growth of approximately 38% over the next 10 years. 

The City of Desert Hot Springs is seeking its first Director of Economic Development to embark on a new, high level, deliberate and aggressive focus on economic development to attract retail, commercial, hospitality, housing and industry.  The goal of the new Director of Economic Development is to generate local services desired by residents and workers, create a diversified business sector, expand the local economy, and generate tax revenue for the City’s long term financial stability and resiliency.  The successful candidate will be in the forefront of the economic development program with the responsibility to lead, develop, guide, facilitate, and manage the City’s economic development efforts as part of the City’s executive team.  Typical background and experience include a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university; 5 to 7 years of increasing responsible municipal management and planning experience; and knowledge of development, entitlement, and permitting processes including CEQA.  The annual salary range of the position is $141,290 to $171,739, and the City provides an excellent benefit package.

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Filing deadline is June 17, 2022.