Former California Police Chief Sentenced to Prison for his Role in January 6th

A former La Habra police chief named Alan Hostetter has been sentenced to

Brittany Maldonado 12/11/2023 - 9:04 PM
Tustin Pleads for Help and Guidance One Month After Hangar Fire
woman and child

Tustin residents and city leaders are expressing frustration with the state and the U.S.

Brittany Maldonado 12/07/2023 - 9:43 AM
The Outlook for Local Revenue Enhancement in 2024: A Cal City News Webinar
cash money


Brittany Maldonado 12/05/2023 - 9:31 AM
The Great Switcheroo: Why California and Texas Are Swapping Residents

It’s no secret that California has lost a lot of residents to Texas. In 2021, 111,000 Californians left for the Lone Star State. That’s around 300 people a day! But a review of data from the U.S.

Brittany Maldonado 11/30/2023 - 9:47 AM