The totally wicked awesome surfer dudes who lobbied for a Paul Walker statue in San Clemente are back by popular demand. And this time, they’re defending house parties -- errr “ragers” -- in the City of L.A.

Self-described “activist and house party enthusiast” Chad Kroeger (that’s a pseudonym) began his impassioned plea at Los Angeles City Hall Wednesday with his signature line:

“What up, Council.”

He then launched into a comical defense of house parties, calling them the “bedrock” of his development as a young man.

With his Jeff Spicoli-styled accent, Chad fondly recalled the first time his water polo team captain had him shotgun an entire Bud Light at a party in San Clemente. He was then followed to the podium by J.T., another “bro” who says he was once afraid he’d never find love.

“I didn’t need love,” J.T. realized. “I had keg stands. I discovered I was great at raging and it revealed wonderful things about myself. I could relate to bros regardless of what kind of bro they were. I could be at a party and moon people and everyone would laugh…

“America needs bonding,” he said. “People need to put aside their differences and find common joy. There’s no more effective environment for that than a freaking rager!”

“Thank you. Thank you,” said Council President Herb Wesson, feigning amusement. “And I want to welcome you to L.A. Council’s Bill and Ted’s Excellent, uh, Adventure.”

The L.A. City Council is cracking down on out-of-control house parties in the Hollywood Hills amid numerous complaints from residents.